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Estate planning can involve more than wills

Another year is coming to a close in Texas and the new year is looming. With its approach people frequently review the past and consider plans for the future. Among those plans may be thoughts of estate planning. But what exactly does that entail and who should be concerned about it? Comprehensive estate plans are made up of more than last wills and testaments.

Wills and trusts allow one to plan for end of life

From the time a person starts school in Texas plans are being made for the future. Parents work for their children to have a better life and a chance at a promising career. The children begin planning for careers as they mature and begin to consider college and future plans. If people put as much thought into planning wills and other components for the end of their lives, they would be able to enjoy life and retirement with true peace of mind.

Remember your estate plan when you divorce

If you are like a lot of people who get divorced in Texas, you may find the whole experience a bit overwhelming at times. This is completely understandable. Ending your marriage ultimately impacts every facet of your life and you will find yourself making decision after decision. In this situation, it can be all too easy to overlook some of the things that could benefit from your attention. Your estate plan is one of these things.

How estate planning benefits blended families

If you have been divorced or widowed and found a new partner, you certainly have many reasons to be happy about your future. Many people in Texas are able to move forward with a new marriage and create the life they have long dreamed of. However, before you walk down the aisle and say, "I do" yet again, you should make sure that your long-term plans are in order. A good estate plan is a must for remarried spouses, especially when one or both partners has children from their prior marriages.


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