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The Thompson Law Firm offers a variety of family law legal services that are custom-tailored to a client's particular needs. The Thompson Law Firm has a proven record of success representing clients in divorce, child custody cases, complex property cases, and other family matters in Houston and surrounding areas. Additionally, the Thompson Law Firm prides itself in offering its clients an extensive menu of other legal services.

Wills and probate, consumer bankruptcy representation, criminal defense representation, and personal injury claims are just a few of the additional practice areas where the Thompson Law Firm has years of experience assisting clients with their legal needs.

Each of our clients can rely on our dedication and commitment to diligently work towards the best possible outcome in each legal matter they face.

The attorneys at the Thompson Law Firm are highly experienced in the practice of Family Law, Divorce law , and other civil matters in Houston and throughout Harris County. The family law lawyers at the Thompson Law Firm have aggressively negotiated and litigated favorable outcomes in contested divorce, child custody and marital property cases while keeping attorney fees affordable.

The Family Law attorneys at the Thompson Law Firm are competent and skilled lawyers in Houston who will represent you with legal issues in the following areas;

Family and Divorce Law and other Civil Matters:

Family Law Mediation:

Family & Divorce Law in Houston

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