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Sharing custody after a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2019 | Child Custody |

No one goes into a marriage anticipating a divorce, but sadly that becomes a reality for many Texas families. The biggest concern you may have is how to best divide the time your child or children will spend between parents. We here at Law Thompson, P.C. understand the many complexities you face when devising a schedule for child custody.

According to Time magazine, in years past courts generally preferred to see children spend most of their time with a primary caretaker. This also meant that a child usually lived the majority of his or her days in one residence. However, that notion has been replaced with the viewpoint that it is extremely important for your child to bond with both you and your former partner, meaning he or she will split time between two homes.

This shift came about because the current belief is that when possible, and in the absence of mitigating factors like mental illness, addiction or abuse, it is preferable if you can have two heads rather than one making parenting decisions. You and your ex each have your own strengths, and it is best if your child can benefit from each of you in different ways. And, a better balance may be created since one parent may excel the socializing of a child while the other is stronger at participating in physical play.

Keep in mind that it is in the best interest of your child to come up with a solid plan for custody. This involves not only legal custody, but physical as well. More information about child custody issues can be found on our web page.