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Houston Divorce Attorney Handling Post-Divorce Modifications

  • Are you paying too much child support or receiving too little?
  • Are you unable to continue being available to your child, visitation-wise, due to a change of work hours?
  • Are you and your children being imposed upon by the other parent who ignores support and custody responsibilities?

These personal and financial predicaments are all too common for divorced couples in Texas and nationwide. If one or more of them have rudely interrupted your life, a skilled and compassionate family law and divorce lawyer can bring order to this chaos.

Houston divorce Travis Thompson, founder of the Law Thompson, P.C., is exactly that kind of attentive, accomplished attorney. A certified family law specialist for over 25 years, his reputation for efficient expertise was built on quality representation for Houston clients seeking post-judgment modifications of child custody, visitation and child support.

More Than 30 Years Of Legal Experience — And A Helping Hand At The Brink

While divorce property division arrangements most likely cannot be reversed or modified, our law firm can revisit prior agreements or prior orders such as custody orders or support orders; aggressively advocate for clients seeking to request or contest a modification of an existing child custody or child support order divorce settlement agreement; and pursue a court-ordered enforcement of obligations when they are being blatantly overlooked.

Houston divorce attorney Travis Thompson’s many years of family law practice can benefit you when life throws you a curve — a lost job, an expensive illness, or a military transfer to another state, to cite just a few possible examples. These sudden, substantial changes in circumstances typically translate to changes in post-divorce routines affecting financial support and child access, especially in cases of parental relocation.

We believe deeply in outcomes that highlight “the best interests of the child.”

Frequently Asked Questions About Child Custody Modification In Texas

Child custody cases can be confusing and emotionally charged, especially when considering modifications to existing arrangements. We address the most common questions co-parents ask when navigating child custody modifications in the Lone Star State.

What qualifies as a substantial change in circumstances for modifying a divorce decree in Texas?

Texas law requires a substantial change in circumstances when seeking a modification in a divorce decree. This entails events or situations that significantly impact the welfare of the child. Examples include a parent’s relocation, changes in financial situations or issues affecting the child’s safety and well-being.

How long after a divorce can I request a modification in Texas?

In Texas, timing is crucial when requesting a modification after a divorce. Generally, a party must wait at least one year after the divorce decree or order to file for modification, unless there are compelling reasons to expedite the process. Assessing the unique circumstances surrounding the request is imperative to ensure compliance with legal timelines.

Will the court always consider a child’s best interests in a child custody modification case?

Absolutely. Texas family courts always uphold the child’s best interests in custody matters. Whether it is the initial determination or a modification case, the court assesses factors such as the child’s emotional and physical well-being, the ability of each parent to establish a stable atmosphere and the child’s preferences if they are of sufficient age.

Is it necessary to go through the courts for every modification, or can some be settled through other means like mediation?

While court proceedings are often necessary, alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation can be explored. If both parties can amicably agree on modifications, a mediated settlement can streamline the process, potentially saving time and legal expenses. However, the court’s approval is still required to formalize the changes.

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