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The difference between a contested and uncontested divorce

If you are considering filing for divorce, you may be wondering what it will look like once you are in the midst of it. There are two types of scenarios that typically play out when a couple is divorcing. The first is when both spouses are very bitter and the conclusion is delayed due to constant battling back and forth. The other is when both parties have been open with each other about the divorce and even agreed on most, if not all the issues that are between them.

Both situations fall into the categories of contested or uncontested divorce. What is the difference between the two? There is more to it than you may think.

What is full faith and credit?

As difficult as child custody issues in Texas can be to resolve, matters become even more complicated when one parent moves out of state, whether by choice or by necessity. If you are a parent dealing with interstate custody issues, whether you are the parent moving or the parent left behind, you should know that moving your children to another state does not nullify the existing child custody agreement. According to FindLaw, the federal Full Faith and Credit Law requires states to abide by and enforce valid custody orders made elsewhere and prevents them from modifying orders made in another jurisdiction. 

In an interstate custody dispute, determining which state has jurisdiction is vitally important. The law considers the state where the child has lived with one or both parents for at least six months to be the home state. All custody and visitation determinations made in the home state are subject to the Full Faith and Credit Law, including initial orders, temporary orders, permanent orders and modifications. 

Making child custody modifications

Texan parents who have gotten a divorce understand that child custody is one of the toughest parts to handle. While custody arrangements may seem set in stone, that isn't always the case. There are certain situations in which a child custody order can be modified.

Verywell Family looks at some of the reasons to request a child custody modification. The top reason a court will reconsider is if the child is endangered in their current environment. They will examine how the child feels about the situation, whether or not they're in immediate danger, and what sort of danger they could be in. A common example is if there is domestic violence in the household. 

Holiday dos and don’ts for divorced parents

The holidays can bring many things with them. For parents, this can include worries about whether the kids will have a good time. These concerns can be especially pronounced for parents who have recently gone through a divorce. A divorce changes many things about what the holidays look like for a family and has the potential to inject a lot of added emotion into the season.

It is important for parents to remember that, in the midst of these changes and emotions, they can take steps towards helping the holidays stay joyful for them and the children. These measures include:

How quickly can I get divorced?

As hard as it is to admit your relationship is over, once you get to the point where you are ready to end your marriage, you likely want to be free of your spouse as soon as possible. But how fast can you be free? That answer varies state-to-state, with multiple considerations. Generally speaking, in Texas, you may be able to embrace your newfound single life in about two months.

By filing your divorce petition and providing legal notification to your soon-to-be ex, you may navigate your divorce after just 60 days. Here are some things that can help speed up the process:


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