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How money conflicts lead to divorce

Money is often cited as one of the main reasons for divorce. Financial troubles are at the heart of the problems in the relationship, causing people to end it. This may be true, but it can happen in many different ways. Let’s consider a few of the different conflicts...

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Does couples counseling fix every marriage?

You may have had a friend going through a rough marriage, but after a bit of couples counseling, they seemed to have a better and stronger relationship. This may have moved you to seek couples counseling for you and your spouse.  Unfortunately, you don’t make the same...

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How can you speed divorce up?

There are several ways to handle your divorce in Texas –  contested and uncontested. A contested divorce can turn into a high-drama, high-stakes, drawn-out affair that can go on for years.  If you would rather keep the drama out of your divorce and speed things up,...

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