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Houston Probate And Estate Administration Attorney

Estate administration and the probate process is a thankless chore. The list of duties is long and the patience of those waiting for their inheritance is short. All while you are also grieving the loss of that person.

The Houston probate and estate administration attorney at Law Thompson, P.C. provides legal support (and moral support) for probate and estate administration in the greater Houston area. Our experienced lawyer and staff will guide you through the appointed tasks and step in where you need legal muscle or problem-solving.

What Exactly Is Probate?

Probate is the court-supervised process for settling the estate of the deceased. If you were named in the Will as executor or nominated for the job, you must first get formally appointed by the probate judge. Or, if the deceased never made a will, you may need to have a court declare the legal heirs.

An administration of a probate estate may also be required. This will either be a dependent administration (closely controlled by the court) or an independent administration (more latitude and less oversight). Either way, you will likely encounter issues that require legal help.

As personal representative of the estate, your duties may include:

  • Taking inventory of the assets
  • Getting valuations if necessary
  • Identifying and locating heirs
  • Paying debts and taxes of the estate
  • Selling property if necessary
  • Distributing the remaining assets
  • Accounting and reporting

Our attorney and staff have years of experience with Texas probate and estate and trust administration. You can depend on us for reliable legal advice and step-by-step assistance.

In addition to shepherding the estate administration process, attorney Travis Thompson is also called upon to represent parties in estate-related disputes such as allegations of fraud, undue influence or breach of fiduciary duty.

Close Guidance For A Difficult Job

We aim to ease your burdens and help you settle the estate as efficiently as possible. Our Houston probate attorney is always accessible and responsive as your work down the list of probate tasks

To arrange a free consultation about Texas probate or the duties of estate administration, call Law Thompson, P.C. at 281-369-8665 or contact us online.