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Working So Grandparents Can Maintain Relationships Or Pursue Custody

The current law in Texas as it pertains to grandparents’ rights to custody or access to their grandchildren is quite narrow and very specific in its criteria.

Attorney Travis Thompson and the firm of Law Thompson, P.C., are available to provide quality representation for grandparents with child custody and visitation issues, conservatorship and adoption goals that benefit children whose parents are negligent, unfit, abusive, drug-addicted, on military duty overseas, imprisoned or deceased.

Our office can recommend a number of legal strategies when a child’s birth parents have shirked parental responsibilities or a dispute arises over a parent’s resistant attitude to relinquishing custody.

Your Helping Hand At The Brink — Contact Law Thompson, P.C.

Your initial consultation on the subject of grandparents’ rights will be confidential and informative. To arrange this important first meeting of the minds, call lawyer Travis Thompson, a certified family law specialist, at 281-369-8665 or remain online to send an email message. Our Houston office represents clients in Harris County, Montgomery County and Fort Bend County.