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How Do Contested And Uncontested Divorce In Texas Differ?

Getting a divorce is an unsettling process, no matter what the circumstances. If you’re getting a divorce, you likely have a lot of questions and concerns about what your future will look like and how you can protect yourself in the coming storm. You probably also wonder how your circumstances create the need for contested or uncontested divorce.

Two Scenarios Of Divorce

At Law Thompson, P.C., attorney Travis Thompson is a certified family law specialist and has been for over 20 years. Our firm handles all varieties of contested and uncontested divorce in Houston.

  • Uncontested. In this situation, both spouses have agreed on all or most of the terms of their divorce ahead of time. They need a lawyer to draft their documents and make necessary court appearances rather than fight their battles in or out of court. Some cases of this sort may be eligible for a flat fee.
  • Contested. There is generally a lot of fear and uncertainty that accompanies this kind of divorce. In this situation, the couple may be adversarial or at the very least disagree on the terms of the divorce. In cases such as these, a lawyer will represent the client through the necessary stages of the divorce, including mediations, emergency hearings or litigation. As one might expect, this type of divorce is more expensive than the first but may be necessary when the divorcing spouses are at odds or if one or both have dug in to rigid and/or unreasonable positions.

Guiding You Through Divorce

The details of divorce can seem overwhelming, as you consider your needs to come to an agreement over several issues. At Law Thompson, P.C., we can guide you through the many decisions you will have to make during your divorce, making sure you remain fully aware of your rights and options, including:

We can provide a grounding reality check when you need it and also be there to support you through any fearful or uncertain passages. Contact our Houston, Texas, office to discuss the details of your situation with family law attorney Travis Thompson.

Get Help For The Change Ahead

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