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Adult children and their role in divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2019 | Divorce |

All across Texas, the number of “silver splitters” is on the rise. They are people in their retirement years who decide to get a divorce. However, what many of them don’t consider the impact that their divorce can have on their adult children.

As the New York Times states, it’s never too old for a child to be hurt by a parent’s divorce. Adult children tend to be expected to handle a split better simply by virtue of no longer being young children. But while they may understand divorce better than their younger counterparts, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be easier for them to handle it in actuality. In fact, some early studies have shown that adult children may have a harder time adapting to changes. This is possibly because their family dynamics have been the same for a longer period of time.

The Institute for Family Studies also states that older parents tend to lean on their adult children during a divorce. This is a stark contrast to how divorce is treated with little kids, who are generally given as little information as possible so as not to accidentally expose them to things they aren’t ready to process.

Unfortunately, using an adult child as a replacement for a therapist or mediator can put ridiculous pressure on them. Even as an adult, they may suffer from mental or emotional stress and feel as though they are dealing with burdens beyond their capabilities. Seeking the aid of a professional mediator may help alleviate some of this pressure from the adult child while simultaneously helping the divorcing couple get through their split more smoothly.