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Is your spouse hiding assets?

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2019 | High-Asset Divorce |

As a person getting a divorce in Texas, you should understand that there are certain risks that couples with higher assets face that others don’t. Some may be quite unexpected as well, such as the increased possibility of a spouse attempting to hide assets. While this is illegal, that doesn’t stop people from doing it.

The Women’s Institute for Financial Education (WIFE) takes a look at some potential signs that a spouse may be hiding assets. These signs typically manifest in behavioral or habit changes. For example, a spouse may become more irritable when questioned about finances. They may refuse to share things that were previously open between the two of you, such as receipts or deposit slips. They may become more furtive, sneaky, or generally act in a secretive way.

They could also make sudden unexpected changes in their spending habits. For example, a common way of hiding assets is by purchasing expensive items which can later be re-sold or returned to gain the money back. Some people also attempt to pretend they are paying off debts to others, when in reality they are simply passing the money on to friends or family members with the intention of getting it back after the divorce has been finalized.

If you have any reason to believe that your spouse may be hiding assets, consider contacting an experienced attorney for more information. You can figure out how to uncover assets they might be hiding so you can get the full amount you deserve in the split.