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Determining child custody can be an emotional struggle

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2019 | Child Custody |

No matter how well-planned or amicable, divorce is a major disruption in one’s life in Texas. This is particularly true if there are children involved. It is certainly a disruption to one’s personal life and can also have an impact on the individual’s professional life. It is important to keep the best interest of the children in mind when negotiating child custody arrangements.

A parent may not wish to sacrifice any quality time with his or her children. While this is the ideal, it is not always realistic. Consider how much time is readily available for quality time during the work week. Overcommitting can cause undue stress on all concerned. Try to be objective when considering how much time is really available.

While it is typically not advisable to discuss a divorce in the workplace, a frank discussion with a supervisor may pave the way for a more flexible work situation. Workplaces are often more sensitive to work-life balance issues than in the past. While talking to co-workers about a divorce may be frowned upon, talking about one’s children is not. Explaining the need to leave early for a school conference or a child’s performance will most often be met with support from team members, many of whom are likely parents themselves.

Negotiating child custody issues can be one of the most emotional and exhausting aspects of divorce. Consulting with a family law attorney regarding can provide an unbiased perspective on the situation. A knowledgeable lawyer can review a person’s situation and help a client arrive at a suitable and manageable arrangement.