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Sleep loss, anxiety and estate planning

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2020 | Estate Planning |

Sometimes, setting up an estate plan is relatively straightforward and people have a lot of confidence in their decisions. In other cases, people are unsure if they made the right decision with respect to the type of estate plan they decided to create, the person they named as the executor, the way in which their assets are distributed among beneficiaries or some other estate planning issue. 

Creating an estate plan sometimes causes stress and some people develop anxiety or experience sleep problems. 

Addressing and preventing emotional challenges 

For starters, many people are able to avoid or eliminate these concerns by carefully going over their options. If necessary, the revision of an estate plan also helps get rid of negative feelings and uncertainty. When someone fears that they have not appointed the right person to manage their estate, or that their assets are not assigned to the right beneficiaries, they sometimes have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. This often leads to other difficulties in life, such as adverse health outcomes and problems in the workplace and personal relationships. 

Peace of mind 

For those who set up an estate plan, these documents are all about peace of mind, which is why those who have anxiety and other emotional challenges need to address their concerns properly. Our law firm deals with many people who cannot decide whether to create a will or trust, identify the type of trust that suits their individual needs best, who to designate as the executor or how to split up assets among loved ones. It is crucial to review your options and take action to eliminate any concerns you have about your will or trust. Explore our website to read about other topics related to estate planning concerns.