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Can you travel abroad with your children after a divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2022 | Child Custody |

After a divorce concludes, many parents want to do something special with their kids to mark a return to normalcy. If your family has always enjoyed traveling, a trip out of the country may seem like an ideal solution.

If you and your co-parent enjoy an amicable post-divorce relationship, you might not have any problems traveling abroad with your kids. However, in post-divorce relationships that are not so peaceful, taking your children out of the country could lead to child custody issues.

Can a ne exeat bond help?

One thing that makes it harder to travel abroad with your kids after a divorce is the risk of parental kidnapping. Even if you have no intention of keeping your children in another nation, your co-parent may still have concerns. If you want to take your kids out of the country for a vacation, posting a ne exeat bond might make your co-parent feel secure about your travel plans.

A ne exeat bond assures your co-parent that you will comply with the terms of your child custody agreement while traveling with your kids to foreign countries. The bond amount is usually about the same as what it would cost your co-parent to pursue a legal remedy if you fail to bring the children home.

Texas courts do not typically order security bonds unless the parent has a history of noncompliance with their child custody agreement. However, posting a ne exeat bond may encourage your co-parent to let the children travel with you abroad. It can also help you build a foundation of trust regarding your kids.

We recommend learning more about child custody laws in Texas before you make international travel plans. A legal advocate can help if you or your co-parent decide a ne exeat bond is necessary.