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How can virtual visitation help a busy parent get more custody?

On Behalf of | May 9, 2022 | Child Custody |

When you have had a dispute with your ex over custody but still want to have more time with your kids, something that you may want to consider is virtual visitation. Virtual visitation is designed to let you visit with your child in one of several ways other than being there in person.

For some divorced parents, virtual visitation creates a scenario where they don’t have to interact but their children can still see the other parent. This is helpful in reducing disputes and conflicts.

Virtual visitation can’t take over every visitation time slot, but it can be helpful for mid-week visits or quick visitation sessions after school or after dinner. A parent who is too busy to step away from the office in the afternoon might have the time to schedule a 30-minute call to help their child with homework, for example, or be able to connect via a video call from anywhere they can get internet access, even if it’s far away.

In what ways can you complete a virtual visitation session?

It is possible to complete a virtual visitation session in varied ways. For example, you may be able to use:

  • A video call to watch your child’s dance recital or sports game
  • A phone call to chat with your child before bed
  • An internet connection to hook up to your child’s gaming system and play video games with them
  • Texting to stay in touch throughout the day without taking away from the other parent’s custody time

Virtual visitation is extremely flexible, but it shouldn’t be the only kind of visitation a parent has. Other options, like weekend or weeknight visits in person, are better than virtual visits, but virtual visits can help you see your child during gaps when you can’t be physically present.

Consider virtual visitation if you need additional, noninvasive visitation time

There are all kinds of solutions you can try for visitation concerns. Virtual visits are an opportunity to expand on the in-person custody sessions you already have and to give you and your child additional ways to communicate at home and when you’re on the go.