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How to keep your divorce from affecting your job

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2023 | Divorce |

If you’re going to be divorcing this year, one of your concerns may be how to deal with it at work. Should you tell anyone? What if you have to take time off for negotiations with your spouse or court dates? If you have children, will you be dealing with more childcare issues? What if it all becomes too much and you break down or lash out at work or simply are unable to give your work the focus it needs?

Everyone’s situation is different. Let’s look at some things that can benefit just about anyone.

Tell your boss

Even if you don’t plan to tell any of your co-workers about your divorce, you need to tell your boss. You don’t need to share any details beyond the fact that you may need to take some time off to handle legal, childcare or other matters and you wanted to give them a head’s up. This is a good chance to reassure them of your full commitment to your job.

If you are telling anyone you work with, or they already know, tell your boss as soon as possible. Managers and supervisors generally don’t like to be the last to know things. If you aren’t sharing this part of your life at work, make sure your boss knows that this information is meant to be confidential.

Limit divorce distractions during work hours

Most attorneys will respect your wish (or need) not to get calls, texts or emails while you’re at work. Your soon-to-be ex may not. If you can’t get them to refrain from contacting you during your work hours, you may need to put your phone away until you have the time and energy to deal with whatever they’re contacting you about.

Of course, if you have kids, that can be more difficult. You may have to make a concerted effort not to let your spouse get to you.

The last thing you need during this time is to jeopardize your job. By having experienced legal guidance, you can better compartmentalize your life so that your divorce isn’t affecting your work.