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Benefits Of Having An Attorney For Your Custody Case

Protecting your rights and “the best interest of the child” is no do-it-yourself project when disputes over child access delay your Texas divorce.

At Law Thompson, P.C., our experienced attorney can represent you during difficult domestic times — Travis Thompson is a divorce lawyer with proven skills, a talent for careful guidance and extensive legal knowledge. He can explain the law and fight for you. He is able to take a case to trial, if necessary, to help protect your children’s best interests and yours.

Throughout Greater Houston and surrounding areas, Travis Thompson, founder of Law Thompson, P.C., is known for his 28-plus years of experience as a divorce and family lawyer, as well as a certified specialist, who can see you through troubled times, including child custody and visitation disputes, interstate custody disputes and grandparents’ rights to custody.

For A Helping Hand At The Brink, Contact Travis Thompson

When you reach out to Travis Thompson to represent your child access interests, you are working closely with one of your own. Travis is Texas born and raised, Texas-educated and specifically focused on solutions for the problems of Greater Houston area clients.

Your initial consultation is as close as your phone or personal computer. We can schedule your appointment by phone today at 281-369-8665. Your email message will be responded to promptly. We represent clients in Harris County, Montgomery County and Fort Bend County.