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Situations in which child support can be modified

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2019 | Divorce |

When parents in Texas divorce, one parent will likely be called upon to make child support payments. While these payments can be crucial for supporting one’s child, they can also potentially become a problem if the person paying support ends up with a changed financial situation. What do you do in those cases?

FindLaw examines the option of child support modification. This is the act in which child support orders are modified due to a change in financial circumstances. There can be many different reasons to request a modification. Most have to do with the supporting parent losing income in some way. This could mean that they lost their job or were demoted. In rare cases, the supporting parent may have gotten arrested. They may be a member of the military, navy or air force and were relocated elsewhere. They may have even married and formed a new family that they now must now support.

The financial situation of the parent receiving the support can dictate a change in payment, as well. For example, if said parent ends up marrying another person who becomes the primary provider for the family, the support payments may be lessened. This can also happen if the receiving parent comes into money through inheritance.

The U.S. Child Support Office Locator lists offices within Texas that divorced parents can go to if they need to request a child support modification. It may also be beneficial to contact a legal expert with experience handling matters of child support modifications, as they will be able to help streamline the process.