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How divorce mediation works in Texas

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2023 | Divorce |

Movies, novels and television shows about divorce usually portray it as a highly intense, emotionally fraught series of arguments and threats that end up in a dramatic courthouse trial. The reality is less riveting to outsiders but also less frightening for the spouses involved. While the typical divorce can include tense moments and disagreements, there are several ways to reduce the drama and help save both parties time, money and stress while also delivering an acceptable, practical divorce settlement.

Mediation is one popular option for helping a divorcing couple negotiate critical matters like child custody, child support, alimony and property division. For those who can use it successfully, mediation can be faster and cheaper than traditional divorce. And because it is more holistic and less confrontational, people who go through it often feel greater ownership over the terms of their settlement. Not only does this help you and your ex feel better about its terms, it can also help ensure your ex complies with it.

The mediation process in Houston

Divorce mediation works by having you and your ex meet with a neutral third party called a mediator. A divorce mediator is typically a family law attorney or retired family court judge, but they are there to represent you or your spouse. Instead, the mediator will explain the traditional divorce process in Texas and how it would likely decide matters like property division and child custody. They will then guide you through negotiations with your partner to try to settle these issues together.

Should I still work with my own lawyer?

While your attorney will not be a part of the mediation sessions, they can still help you prepare and review any agreements you have reached to ensure they are fair. Working with a divorce attorney can help make mediation a more effective and satisfactory method of resolving your divorce.