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Why is divorce the ideal time for a break from social media?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2023 | Firm News |

If you enjoy sharing snippets of your life with others online, you might need to consider breaking that habit when you begin the divorce process.

There are three main reasons why this is an approach worthy of your consideration.

1. You may need time to do other things right now

There is a lot to do during a divorce. You’ll need to research your options for the future. You might need to look at finding new accommodations for now and/or later. You might need to investigate new schools for your children, or even a new job if you intend to move from the area.

If you have kids, they will also need you more than ever. Divorce will be upsetting for them, and seeing you chatting to people on social media rather than spending time with them may not go over well right now.

2. You don’t want to keep reminding yourself of your marriage

If your spouse filed for divorce against your wishes, you might feel tempted to flick through old pictures of happier times stored on your social media accounts. It is unlikely that this approach will help you process your situation and may even keep you stuck in an emotional loop for a time.

3. You could jeopardize your divorce outcome

You might also be tempted to post a snarky comment on one of your spouse’s posts that won’t help your cause. This could raise the temperature of the divorce, making them less willing to compromise. Your spouse might also monitor your social media account for anything that could help them to convince a court that you are a bad parent, spend excessively or anything else that could gain them an advantage in a divorce – photos and comments can easily be misinterpreted.

If you are going through a divorce, be sure to get legal guidance to avoid costly mistakes. Chances are that any legal professional with whom you speak will echo concerns that engaging on social media isn’t the best choice at the moment.